Tobacco Licensees

 Maine is a national leader in preventing underage access to tobacco and reducing underage tobacco use.
Stores who sell tobacco products can help prevent tobacco use among youth in our communities by making a commitment to responsible retailing using the No BUTS Program offered by local Healthy Maine Partnerships, the Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine and the Maine Tobacco Enforcement Coordinator.




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No BUTS Retailers receive compliance check credits* that will protect them against possible illegal tobacco sales and non-compliance fines.  
*Credits go into effect when your store passes two consecutive compliance checks. 
No BUTS (Blocking Underage Tobacco Sales)
Interested in receiving Compliance Check Credits?! No BUTS helps ensure that your tobacco sales policy is in line with Maine law and that your employees have the proper training to make legal tobacco sales. 
No BUTS! Blocking Underage Tobacco Sales.
To learn more about the No BUTS program and to order the introductory kit, contact your Healthy Maine Partnership or visit the PTM Store
*It is important to distinguish NO BUTS form the We Card Program put forth by the tobacco industry which does not provide compliance check credits, responsible retailing, or help to reduce underage tobacco use.
Star Store
Stores who participate in No BUTS are encouraged to become a Star Store. 
The Star Store Program is an extension of the No Buts Program, an initiative of The Partnership for a Tobacco Free Maine to encourage responsible retailing of tobacco products. 
Star Stores are retailers who make a commitment to responsible retailing by ensuring compliance with state and federal laws by reducing the visibility of tobacco marketing to youth.




No BUTS! Star Store: A Leader in Responsible Retailing.
To find out how to participate, contact your local Healthy Maine Partnership
Tobacco Control Act- One Year Anniversary 
On June 22, 2010 new rules went into effect that impact tobacco licensees. Some of the new rules include:
  • Checking ID of all individuals who are under age 27.
  • Limit on display of promotional items. 
  • Ban of fruit or candy flavored cigarettes. 
The Tobacco Control Act gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco products, with an emphasis on preventing tobacco use by children and youth and reducing the impact of tobacco on public health. To learn more about the Tobacco Control Act of 2009-2010 and how this affects you business visit the FDA.  
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