Your fave brands and their supply chain

Learn how easy it is to write your favourite brands about if they have an ethical supply chain.

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Avoid synthetic fabrics

See which fabrics are synthetic and which are natural and why you’re better off avoiding the synthetic fabrics if you’re looking to lead a low waste lifestyle.

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Be wary of flexible plastic

Did you know that flexible plastic has a much higher risk of having phthalates than… Read More

Don’t shop at dollar stores

Not only are dollar stores filled with junky products that won’t last and often contain… Read More

Do a plastic audit of your home

Have you ever gone around your home and written down all the ways that you… Read More

Declutter your home

Getting rid of extra stuff in your home can have psychological benefits, such as reducing… Read More

Vacuum often

Vacuuming is an easy way to reduce chemical exposure and common allergens in your home.… Read More

Get some houseplants

Get some houseplants Indoor air can get very contaminated with dust, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, mold… Read More

How are your favorite products made

Find out how your fave products are made There are a lot of issues to… Read More

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